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Kraftklub Festivaltour 2017

The idea of a `living backdrop`

Coming together from all over Germany, 80 drop dead motivated fans of the band agreed to approach this idea with us – amateurs, partly with, partly without experience in dancing. After intensive sudatory rehearsals, 70 minutes set were formed. Image choreography, algorithm choreography and classical dance choreography were used. The basic aesthetic is the essence of punkrock – rough, simple, provocative, energetic. A scaffold with three levels as well as the entire stage serve as the playground.

Below is a live cut of Kraftklub at the festival Rock am Ring. A live cut from Sputnik Springbreak can be seen here, an interview with further background information can be found here on the facebook page of MDR Sputnik.

A big thanks to Beat The Rich and Felix Brummer for the trust!