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In addition to the language and the sound of the song, a top-notch performance requires choreography or movements that match and amplify the song. I expected to be taught to dance or perform in a certain manner; rather, I was taught to sense my own movements. She took my natural body language and accentuated and focused it, and by doing so she taught me how to be a performer, not just a singer. I still refuse to dance, it doesn’t matter, now I can move.

Ignacio ‘Iggy’ Uriarte, Lead singer and songwriter – Lions Head

The employees were initially skeptical, but within a short time Nicole Wiese has made it with her charisma and her boundless energy to inspire the participants.

Jürgen Bock, Head of Cultural Development and Corporate Values ​​- Otto Group

Nicole Wiese has been a real added value for our company training. Her power, her positive energy and warmth have all carried along and make the team event a great experience. She meets perfectly the balance between fun and physical requirements, so that all participants could always join in and had an incredible joy. Thanks Mrs Wiese, we look forward to the next event !!!!

Michaela Scherhag, HR Consultant – Bearing Point

… Outstanding, professional and above all extremely fast work. Your choreography, the implementation of Sternberg’s direction thoughts, that sensitive but tough approach have made the motion scenes of the video to a unique element.

Timo Holstein, Management Glasperlenspiel

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for everything that you did for us! You are so great and so shiny and inspirational and I was happy to meet you! I hope that the globe is round and we will definitely have a chance to work together and to TALK!

Nadiya Lubnina, Internal Communication – Corporate Communications – METRO

Nicole Wiese unites in her person far more than the choreographic skills. And that is what shapes the protagonist sustainably … She has the ability to bring the actor in natural effect. She works out the personality and does not put something artificial on the person… Today’s show business requires skill and passion. And that’s what you get from Nicole Wiese.

Marc Marshall, Singer

She has managed to breathe life into a mind game within a very short time. Her positive, energetic and inspiring nature has made the stadium show “Tag der Legenden” 2012 to what it was – just terrific! One of the best shows in our history.

Marcus Foag, Managing director – beckground tv

I can truly say that she is a diligent and intelligent artist. Energetic, focused, and driven I believe she has the abilities to advance in a variety of artistic avenues in the dance world.

Susan Sentler, Technique Coordinator – Laban Centre London

Despite the numerous challenges, such as an extremely narrow time slot for rehearsals and permanently accompanying camera crews and press representatives, Nicole Wiese mastered this job with professionalism, creativity and an outstanding resilience.

David Löwe, Project Manager Marketing & Communications – Burda Medien Park Verlage