Dance Theatre White Noise

„WHITE NOISE is a factional piece, as you see it only rarely nowadays. Sophisticated motion sequences, cleverly arranged, virtuosically danced.“ – Gabi Beier, Artisitc director, ada Studio

Contemporary  | Power  | Performance

Despression, burnout, aggression, loneliness, violence, constant complaining, the feeling of strait jacket, hamster wheel… ever-present, persistent mass phenomenon.

It lies in your hand – your fortune!

WHITE NOISE addresses the pursuit of individual happiness of each single person within the partly oppressive economic and private actual situation. With plenty of joke, charm and a healthy dose of self-mockery WHITE NOISE captures the small disasters and major ills of everday life, initiates reviewing one’s own life concerning content of fortune and rethinking valances. With its charmingly satirical narrative style WHITE NOISE motivates sustainably to not bury one’s head in the sand, but look for, find and bravely make one’s own way.

According to experts’ opinion, the one-hour humour marked in-house production of the NWC cannot be pigeonholed. Describable as cross-genre contemporary „Dance-Theatre-Performance-production“ it pairs the contemporary dance techniques, Release, Graham, Hip Hop with drama, the classical movement theatre, performance-concept and the interaction with the audience.

WHITE NOISE ist he third part of a trilogy. As in the first two parts, also the recent showings in August and Octobre 2012 in studio 1 of the Uferstudios did encourages some viewers to positive changes in their lives, in diverse form – some existentially.

Dancers: Carolin Ammann, Esteban Barias, Mascha Baschliy, Natascha Böhler, John Förster, Sascha Hoffmann, Katrine Jorgensen, Lisa Müller, Asuka Riedl

Actors: Katja Göhler/Nora Decker, Katrin Hansmeier

Sound: Benny Franke, Mark Völker

Costume: Mareike Bay

Production Management: Anne Schumacher

Choreographical assistance: Lisa Müller