Choreografie zum Werbespot WC Frisch Kraft Aktiv von Henkel Back
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WC Frisch Fresh & The Gang

At Henkel’s new commercial for WC Frischkraft Aktiv, the 4 balls that make up the product were picked up. Therefore 4 strong performers, who are also perfect skaters, were cast and finally found in England.

At the performance level the spot should get a humorous and groovy spirit but also a classic and charming one, while other departments such as set and styling combined retro and contemporary elements. After two intense rehearsal days, the entire material was shot in Belgrade in a set of a roller disco.

The spot was created in collaboration with the director Marcus Sternberg and the production company RED Production, Belgrade.

  • Our job: Choreography
  • Directed by: Marcus Sternberg
  • Production: RED Production, Belgrade