Deka TV Spot Choreografie JustSomeMotion und Günther Krabbenhöft Back

New Deka Spot

25.08.2016 · Category: Notes ·

The time has come, the new Deka Spot “Anlegen statt stilllegen” started on August 23, online and on TV.

With choreography and coaching the Nicole Wiese Company has supported the two main actors Just Some Motion and Günther Krabbenhöft for the shoot of the new Deka commercial for pension plan. Having already worked together with Just Some Motion at the Tutorials for his unusual neoswing-steps, it was now a great pleasure to choreographically look after the “duet” Just Some Motion and Berlin’s oldest Hipster Günther Krabbenhöft.

Links to the spots :

Deka TV Spot

Deka TV Spot extended version